Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where do you fit in?

At times I'm asking myself where I'd fit in if I'd categorize myself. Having a father from Algeria and a mother from Switzerland I already didn't really fit in. As I got older I learned about the oppression of the blacks and didn't like the whites, but wait a minute my one and only most precious mom in the world is exactly that.. hmm.. then I started practicing the religion I was given, Islam. Now I was a muslim. Then I married my husband who's job was the US Navy. So now I'm a muslim Navy Wife. I'd actually like to have a bit more contact with Women in the Navy just curious about how they do things when their husbands are gone, but I wonder would they like to have anything to do with me? ... I am not looking like the typical Navy Spouse. Oh did I mention that I'm homeschooling? That would make me a ... lets not even go there haha..

Seriously now do we really have to fit in? I never liked having to be a certain way so I "fit" in. I will always be different and special like everyone else is, in their own way. 



  1. I think NOT fitting in comes with its perks. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum - and don't care much for what people think (that's not to say I don't care at all, because I do, just not much).

    My mom is Mexican/Norwegian and my dad - well we're not really sure what he is - but definitely of European decent. Growing up I was always grouped in bilingual classes because the school had me marked as "Hispanic" (because of my mom's heritage). While I like to associate myself as "Mexican" - I most definitely don't "look" like it and no one would ever think I was. Nevertheless I take pride in that small part of me...

    I, too, wondered how other military wives would interact with you since you're Muslim and fully cover. It's definitely not something their accustomed to - but what a great way to open the door for them to learn more of "the other {dark} side."

    As for homeschooling - it's a growing trend and I believe more people are fairly open and accepting of our choice to educated our children at home. It's not really taboo anymore!

  2. That sounds like me.. I think my stubbornness might be arab but that's about it.. other than me being Muslim anyway, but still proud of it :-) While writing my post yesterday I thought about the military wife thing. It's funny because for example in singapore a lot of other spouses were not american either so when I met some families I was quiet surprised. Yes homeschooling is getting very popular !! While in Switzerland they're like: you're doing what now?? lol, here in the states I think many more would homeschool if they had the option to do so. I'm loving it !! most of the time *grin*