Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Curriculums Are "just" Tools

Math is one of the Subjects that took us a while to find a match. It had to be something hands on, with not too long lessons, easy to grasp that included practice. After Houghton Mifflin and Right Start Math we happily settled with Saxon Math which we really REALLY like A LOT. Last week due to some miscommunications I still haven't received my long awaited Saxon Math 3 Worksheets instead I was willing to try the Saxon Intermediate, which was the only one available. I decided to give it a try and already got a grumble from L'Drago the same morning. I assured him that it was very similar to Saxon and (probably even more so) tried to convince myself that this is going to work, we just needed to show patience... 

Here I am today, three mornings later still getting angry just looking at the Math Curriculum and decided to kick it to the curb. It took me over a year to find the right Curriculum that works for L'Drago and yes I welcome change in our homeschool journey but I do not like change when the later worked perfectly fine and math was as easy as 1, 2 & 3. Just looking at the regular Saxon Math makes me happy (weird I agree) but I cannot wait to get back to happy L'Drago, happy Me and our regular happy Math Lessons. I love change but so I do a routine that works smoothly!!