Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Weekly Wrap Up

It's already Sunday afternoon and I'm mentally getting ready for another monday. It's safe to say that last week was very successful. Leap Creature (1st grade) was enjoying our 2nd week of the Rightstart Math and we pretty much caught up to the point where we were at with the old Curriculum, which was one of my goals. We wrapped up our Science Theme "Rainforest" and did some last glueing in his Notebook (which will be a separate post).
On thursday we had our monthly Teacher's Meeting which went so great that I gave all of us the rest of the day off and friday Leap Creature goes to School from 9- 2.30 which he's always looking forward to, because he gets to see his friends. During Arts classes they finished up their Project that's called Volcano-A-Go-Go which will be proudly presented at 

It looks great and I'm so excited that all the kids from grade K up to 8th were able to participate and can you imagine how their faces will LIGHT UP when they'll see their project at the Science Festival? I SOO can't wait !!! 

How was your week? Come, share and link up with the Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and see what everyone else has to say. 

With that said, have a great week everyone


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