Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some daily Activities..

My little Monkey is almost 3 and his two older brothers were out the house with Daddy, so I kept him busy with sorting Counters. He did sort for about the first 7 min. and after that he filled and emptied the bowls as he pleased but hey.. it did keep him busy and I had a great break *smile*

Leap Creature was working on Mathematics. This is our 3rd day with Right Start Math Curriculum. Since it's a very different approach as explained more in detail in my post "Re-thinking our Learning Styles" I did start a few lessons before his actual Level just to make sure we're covering everything and not leaving any useful Details out. Today we were going through facts up to 10, played Games, looked at odd and even numbers and a few more things. We are doing several Lessons a day until we'll reach our spot.
In the mean time my pre'k Cheetah Racer was busy with Cutting, Pasting and Coloring from the Book "Scissors Skills" that I've recently purchased from the Lake Shore Learning Store. He loves to work with his scissors and I have to say I'm very impressed he's doing a great job !! I bought him a Notebook the other day, thinking it would be better for him to collect his cute works instead of having loose crafts laying around that we'd eventually land in the trash. Like this he gets to admire his doings over and over again and he's soo proud of it. 
 During Language Art Leap Creature was learning about Vowel sounds ou/ow, he did some problem solving/ comprehension Skills and usually he'd read me a book a day followed by a quiz on He needs to do 3 more Quizzes to get 300 Points more to order his yet biggest prize: the Highlights Magazine for Children for free for 6 months. YAY !! 
For Social Studies Leap Creature is learning about the States. Our first State was our Home State California. My goal is to give him a brief introduction about all the States. For him to learn a little background about each State, the Capital, the bordering States and some other Facts as seen on the Work Sheet below. 
I just finished creating a Work Sheet for the next States and I'm SO proud I have to say !!! It took me the whole evening, crazy I know but ..  take a look TADAA !! 

They'll be uploaded as Printables etc. but tomorrow's another day, for now I'd call it a day.


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