Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I like about Islam 1#

Sometimes People ask me what made me practice Islam, or what made me decide to cover or why Islam .. and at times I just go blank even though I know exactly why, I just can't always put it in Words. 

Allah Knows

I am a born Muslim just didn't know anything about Islam because I wasn't taught nothing. This alone is a hard one to digest but anyway (that's another story). I would say that I re-chose Islam when I took the decision to actually practice it. Like so many people I was searching for some way to relax myself, or have some "Me- Time". Some do Yoga, meditate etc. I decided I want to start praying.

Friday, February 24, 2012

being a little creative with a happy ending

Month back we bought a growth Chart for the boys. We decided to go with a plain wooden one with the idea that I'd decorate it myself. Of course it took me forever, in this case forever is 4 months. I did finish it the other day though, voila !!
Now I hope it won't take another 4 months to hang it up.

One of the pens were leaking and I ended up bringing it back to Michaels. I'm always quickly walking through their sales section just because "you never know" where I saw this bargain of 15 luminescent bracelets for $1 ! I don't know how much they usually cost but I knew my Boys would be ecstatic and I was right.

Of course the surprise was only given after they all ate up nice, put on their pajamas and got ready for bed. Their bracelet did the rest of the job and now I'm calling it a very nice day with a happy ending ..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy, what is this?

Earlier this week my husband and I took the boys on a Field Trip to the Museum of Man. There was an expedition about ancient Egypt and we just recently finished our studies about Mummies so this was perfect. We all enjoyed our stay, my heart did get very heavy when we passed this child mummy though..  the Child must've been about 5 years old.. Other than that it was fantastic, it even included a little section for the Kids to play. The expedition also had the perfect size, very informative, so that I could read the boys a lot about the mummies, the sarcophagus etc. but it was not too big so that I wasn't exhausted with all the don't do this and don't do that..

As we entered the play area the boys right away took off, exploring all the different toys. (I'm Muslim and fully covered, including my face) so there was this little girl and as soon as she saw me she turns to her father and aks: Daddy what is this? and she'd point her finger towards me. For me a normal question from a child, which is perfectly okay. I'm always quiet curious how the parents would react though and so to my astonishment her Father quickly glances over to me and goes: I don't know..  .. 

Race: Are We So Different? - An exhibit at the Natural History Museum until Jan. 2012.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one of "these days"

This morning just when I woke up, I so did NOT feel like teaching. 


Our day started out with late breakfast (which my dear husband prepared for the boys since I was still in bed). After I got into the kitchen I told Caracal Leaper: We'll be studying later. He looks at me asking: What means later? Honestly, I didn't know myself haha.. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Elephant and Piggie

Leapcreature is reading 2-3 grade Books and we keep a reading Log where he has to read 20 books and gets a reward for it. Usually I'm not so much for rewarding good studies but I want to encourage all of my Boys to read and read a lot, for it's a great way to become open minded, to search for knowledge etc. 

Once in a while though I let an easier book count just to give Leapcreature a break and we'd get some funny books and enjoy them all together. One of our favorites is Elephant and Piggie, our favorite book so far is: Should I share my Ice Cream. I read it to the Boys the other day and even my 2 year little Monkey was cracking up .. for me the most enjoyable part was to watch them laugh so hard !!

Here goes the official Book Review:

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.
Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.

Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

In Should I Share My Ice Cream? Gerald has a big decision to make. But will he make it in time?
Using vocabulary that is perfect for beginning readers (and vetted by an early-learning specialist), Mo Willems has crafted a funny story about the challenges of doing the right thing. Fans of the Geisel Award-winning duo will eagerly eat it up!

Monday, February 13, 2012

People come and go..

I'm born and grown up in Switzerland where I lived for 24 years of my life. Our family members are scattered all over the world (more or less), since we're all travelers, so I was always very tempted to move away and always thought of it as very exciting to have a fresh start in another city, town, country or even continent. I, to start it off, very often had very close friends that "so happened" to live overseas. So when I met my husband and new for certain that I'll move to Singapore I was ecstatic, I mean, I was moving to Asia !!! It was great, we spent 2 years there, I met beautiful friends, it was exciting and all until we moved to the States and that was exciting as well.. It does come with a downside though (what in life doesn't alright..) We meet these beautiful, precious people that become real in our lives, they become friends that we really care for and that's when they're being snatched away from our lives.. (not particularly die, thank God but simply move away) I thought about this for the past few years since it has happened on and off. I believe that it is just meant to be, that certain people appear in our lives, they serve to be with us for a purpose for a certain amount of time, and when that purpose is fulfilled they go their ways, for whatever is meant to happen for them in their own paths.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

K. wanted to study about ancient Egypt and the mummies, so I did my research and this is what we did:

This is the Lap Book Cover (left)           

The "Land of the Pharaohs" Egypt Map can be printed out from here. (right)

most of our printables are from the

<-- Here K. transformed his name into Hieroglyphs.
I also colored and cut out a paper pyramid and I googled some cliparts.
(You might also like this webpage about ancient egypt)

Enjoying to Blog

This morning, while drinking my coffee I read a few posts on different blogs and reflected on: What is it, that makes me like a particular blog? It totally depends on my mood really. But all in all sharing blog posts, writing or reading the posts, including their comments (which I enjoy just as much).. it appears to me a bit like a virtual get together amongst people/ friends who share their opinions. Or maybe strangers who in person would be so different who find common ground, connections through the same interests and for that reason they become friends, whereas in real life, they might not even look at each other, let alone like each other. Blogs enable us to share our thoughts, comment on them or learn. Allah knows I've laughed and learned so much through the many blogs I've read so far. It also broadens our minds by sharing, accepting and respecting other peoples opinions.

I consider myself a very social, open minded fun person, but besides this I'm also VERY busy. My "job" is being a wife and a mother, and my "hobby" is homeschooling, if you know what I mean *grin* I used to love going out, talk to my friends etc. but the past few months I've just been to busy to even pick up a phone and dial a friends number to chit chat.. Dont' get me wrong I love my life and all that's comes with it, including my family and friends of course. But my priorities have shifted and by the time I would have time to chit chat with a friend, the desire's simply disappeared because it's been a day and I've certainly done enough talking for the last 12 hours !! 

I absolutely enjoy blogging for it allows me to do so at my own pace. Please feel free to drop a line and leave your thoughts about blogging.. have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Alles was ich tu

tu ich fuer mich
seh ich eine Chance, so ist sie mein

willst du sie auch, lass es sein
weisst du nicht "all what's yours is mine"
ich werde immer die erste sein
was uebrig bleibt ist Pein, eine Wenigkeit von Nichts,
an dem du dich halten wirst
und zu spaet bemerkst das es nichts mehr ist
dasselbe Nichts aus dem du entstanden bist
daselbe Nichts auf dem du jeden Tag gehst
deine Wege fuehren zu keinem Ziel
und genau von diesen Wegen besitzt du zuviel.
diesen Fusstritten werde ich nicht folgen
diese schlimmsten Dinge sind bestimmt fuer dich,
denn alles was ich tu, tu ich nur fuer mich !!
And now do whatever you want, denn fuer das bist du bekannt.
Noch mehr zu schreiben kommt nicht an denn es faengt dann und wann ...

wieder von vorne an.

written by Me