Wednesday, May 30, 2012

our Curriculum Choices

clip_art_library_books.89143630_stdThe Summer surely is approaching fast and I'm so excited to proudly announce that my little cheetah racer is officially signed up for kindergarten for the following Semester !! He is learning how to read for quiet some time now and anyway with our home schooled Leap Creature in 1st grade it's almost silly saying that my Kindergardener  "starts" classes this fall. But anyway it's official and I'm SO excited. We picked up school material for both of the boys and then the big scrambling will start about putting lesson plans together etc. Can't wait !!

Also do I have no idea about how to teach two boys since one alone is already very time consuming but.. all I know is.. that I'm excited. We always pick our school materials before the summer holidays so the funny thing is, right when it's time to actually wind down and go into relaxing mode, I see all the new school material for the next school year and feel like: How can we just not study now having all the new exciting books etc. !! haha.. well we all do need a break but I doubt that it'll really last more than about a month.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Homeschool Convention California

I received an email from one of Leap Creature's school friends kind mom about the California Homeschool Convention and I thought to myself that I'd really like to go but my husband would never agree to drive all the way to Long Beach for a day, with the kids and the traffic etc. and his first answer sure enough was: LONG BEACH? on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND?! and I went on saying yes, yes I know I know.. just thought I'd share that there is a great convention up there this weekend.. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still on Planet Earth

 Elephants with Impala in a Acacia Forest along the Zambezi River.
I feel like I've been on some other planet for the last month or longer.. Definitely not on !! What have I been doing? I love to sew, so I caught up with some orders I had. I decided to finally, after years pick up on drawing again. It's been over 8 or so years !!! Yes, we,ve been homeschooling too haha.. But more a bit finishing, rounding up what we've started. Doing small day by day lessons and last but not least we're currently enjoying my stepdad's visit. Last time I saw him my Leapcreature was almost one and now he's 7.. You do the math.. To make a long story short I believe I did a couple of things that make me happy to be able to keep doing what I have to on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy, just trying to have "me" not going under amongst the homeschooling, housework, teaching, disciplining etc etc mom!! Get the picture? Knew you would. Some people ask me how do you find time to do all these things next to everything you have to do?! Well I am absolutely selfish enough to make time for me being ME!!


 ps: the absolutely stunning picture was taken by my uncle, you can find more of his work over at