Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another day in Paradise

I am originally from Switzerland and yes I miss my family and friends but could it have been replaced with any better place then South California? I don't think so.. Even though the nights are still very cold, the temperatures are already up in the 70 and the sunny mornings definitely are a plus when it comes to motivation in getting up early and getting things done. Our trees around the house seem to enjoy the warmth as well, they're growing so fast, and a few already have lots of beautiful flowers and plenty of fruits. Of course they're all still in the beginning stages but the trees look lovely with all their new growth. Over the last couple of years we took a few trips up to our favorite nursery, the Bonita Creek Nursery, and here is what we have purchased:

This is our Sapote Tree, I have to say it does look quiet odd, looking at it now haha, but it does carry fruits.
 This is a Strawberry Guava Tree                                                                 Boysenberry 

Meyer's Lemon Tree
                                                                                                                       A almond Tree



                                    The unstoppably growing apricot Tree

On the left is a Sugar Pear Tree which is being planted as I write 
 Left is a pakistani Marlberry Tree and on the right are it's fruits which are very dark red in color once ripe

this is my sunshine blue Blueberry (I just had to get it alone because of it's look) I still have to plant it into a pretty pot. From the nursery I learnt that it's best to keep the Berries in a bigger Pot for it is easier to control it's growth which makes perfect sense since we did plant raspberries in the ground and even though we all love the berries they are growing like weed !!

and our Loquat Tree which yet has to give fruits.. insha'Allah (God willing)


  1. All these trees look very exciting, specially as we don't have any of them in Switzerland. The fruits must be a real adventure to taste!
    Enjoy and eat some for me!

  2. YESS I love watching them grow, changing colors as they ripe and we definitely enjoy eating them, what a blessing !! and this year we'll have enough for everyone in the family to eat some for you Mami *smile*