Monday, June 4, 2012

Homesteading Arts Festival

Today we went to the Homesteading Arts Festival at the City Farmers Nursery. It was so refreshing, inspiring and we all had a wonderful and so peaceful afternoon. Here take a look: 
(I'm absolutely aware that some of the pictures are totally blur but I had no idea what to expect and of course didn't bring my camera.. so all the pictures were taken from my cell phone..)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Weekly Wrap Up May #5

How was our week or more like my past two weeks? ahh lets see.. 
Thursday the week before, considering it was our last week of school we were all so lazy and not really in the studying mood, we did study some though. Most of it was repetition through the learning Odyssey. I gathered all of Leap Creatures School books, tools, games etc. to return to our Resource Center to be able to check out new ones for the upcoming 2nd Grade and my officially signed up Kindergardener Cheetah Racer *big grin* !! The day after on friday we drove up to Long Beach to the "California Great Homeschool Convention" here my blogpost. It was so fantastic that I was all fired up for the whole past week and still am. And since 
about Monday (first official Summer holiday) my boys are wining most of the day that THEY'RE BOOORED and it's only been like a weekend of no schooling and they're already getting on my nerves HAH.. who would've thought. So more or less what have "I" been doing? Figuring out what to do with them for the rest of our summer !! I will make this post very short from here on because I haven't quiet figured it out *grin again*.. I think after I've had my share of "I'm bored's" we'll start studying again summer or no summer !! 

This is "the weekly wrap up" link-up from Kris over at the weird unsocialized homeschoolers, would you like to share your week?