Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dedicated To Astrid

A few months back my boys and I went to visit my family in Switzerland. My mom moved since I last visited her 7 years back, and amongst meeting all my family and friends I had the pleasure of meeting all her so very welcoming neighbors. Next to her on the same floor lived Astrid. We'd chat in the hallway whenever we cross paths or I'd help her hang up her laundry in the basement due to her progressing parkinson disease. I've been blessed to have had a few very meaningful conversation with her. The last time we saw her, me and the boys went to thank her for the gifts she bought for my boys, how kind she was. We travelled across the world, back home when my mom after a few weeks called me and asked wether I had a picture of Astrid which I didn't. She then informed me that Astrid went missing. My mom was told, she was on the way to the grocery store which is a 5 min. walk down the street and never returned. After about a day, the police got involved, then the criminal police etc. but until the present day Astrid is still missing, almost 5 months now.

I've been thinking about her ever since and I've spent countless moments, pondering about what in the world happened to her and how she can just disappear in thin air!! And then I just pray to Allah that she is safe, wherever she might be! We are so busy and our lives are so hectic that it's easy to forget the ones we don't see or hear on a regular basis. This is why I took the time to write about a special elderly woman that I was blessed to have met and pray for every time she crosses my mind. 

If you have read this far please do the same and say a prayer for her.