Sunday, February 3, 2013

Changes in "Me-World"

The only place I loose weight fast.I'm not exactly having an eating disorder but at times I feel it borders on one. Specially when my brain tells me to eat when my stomach's clearly full. I did make a big change when I joined Weight Watchers 2+ years back and lost 43 lbs/ 20+kg's. I was able to maintain it until my dear husband started buying all kinds of Julian Pie's and that's how it all went down hill!! okay, okay...  I got into a baking frenzy this past winter and that didn't help either. So 10 days ago I decided to get back on track and after hopping on the scale, realizing that I gained a good 10 pounds/ 5kg's I decided to do something rather earlier than later and signed back up on So far I've lost 5 pounds/ 3kg's. 10 days ago was also my first exercise day after a very VERY long time and I held it up ever since, riding my exercise bike 30min/day.
I'm forcing myself to exercise to stay healthy, much more than to loose weight. I wish there were more of a variety I could exercise but due to a hip birth defect options are unfortunately very limited. I'm not complaining though, there's much more to be thankful for than there is to complain about *smile* 

I'm a lot of things, but I am not a very disciplined person and I do did not like to exercise!! Since I started exercising though I've felt several changes in my daily life, the best of all by now is being in a better mood, my moods are much more balanced and just an overall better feeling of accomplishment about myself and for that I tap myself on the shoulders, YAY !!

Here my 10 past days in a nutshell and now my daily prayer to Allah is to keep up the good work and for HIM to grant me the discipline it takes to keep on exercising on a daily basis!!