Monday, March 5, 2012

What's for Dinner ?

Recently I called my friend asking how she was doing and she told me she was in the kitchen cooking up a storm.. and she usually cooks for about two days. Marinating, pre-cooking etc. to make the next few weeks easier on herself. She goes: You should try that you know !! Hmm .. Alright so last weekend we went to get meat. We usually make a trip every .. 2-3 Months and get a LOT of meat since the place where we get our meat from is a bit further away.                  
                                                        Picture from (
Cooking up a storm is right:
30 Chicken Quarters (marinated some, pre- cooked some), 10 Lbs of ground Beef (fried some for spaghetti Sauce, marinated some for meat balls etc., 1 1/2 Lbs of Liver which I cooked for dinner and froze some, and 7 whole Chicken, (which at the end of the day I just packed up individually, I was done seeing meat for the day) as I believe you can imagin .. 
For the whole Chicken I want to make my marinade ready in a jar so every time I'd like to marinade my Chicken, it'll be ready to use. 

Thinking back I would probably do it again but I'd have to start early in the morning. I'd pre cut the Onions, Garlics and other herbs, so when we do get home with the meat that would already be taken care of... So certain adjustments have to be thought over but I have to say, last night the plan was to have Chicken with Noodles and mixed Salad (which is already cut and washed, ready to eat. So is the Salad Sauce) BANG!! my dinner was done within 15 min. I was like yeaaahh !! 

So I'd say: why not give it a try..  I know lots of people get cooked and ready meals from else where but we're very picky with what we eat, so we prefer to make our meals ourself ...

And for Muslims, I've never really done it yet but my friend always pre-cooks for Ramadhan so her dinners are ready within no time which is great.. just found out yesterday *grin*



  1. There are some things I make in big batches and then freeze for future meals - lasagna, chicken pot pie, soups, and falafel.

    I love cooking - but I can honestly say I do not want to spend an entire day (or two) in the kitchen pre-preparing food for day-to-day meals - I rather enjoy the hour or so I spend cooking every day!

    I will, however, definitely try and do this for Ramadan. I could enlist my hubby to help me on a weekend and we could get a LOT done so this year I can spend more time on ibadat and less time rushing to get the meal ready - especially when you're already feeling a little sluggish from not having eaten all day!

    I can make a month long suggested meal calendar (favorite meals) so we can prep for those meals ahead of time - but flexible enough to pick and choose what we're eating from one day to the next - those pesky cravings always sneak up on me when I'm fasting! :D

  2. I thought the same thing: I WON'T be in the kitchen for 2 days lol, I did do it in 1/2 day though. I just pre fried/pre cooked the meat for example with onions and then froze it. So all I'll do is defrost it and add the finishing spices and it does taste fresh so that's the good part. I hear you though and I don't know if it's easier because in the evening I was like: Tomorrow I will NOT eat any meat !!! LOL I do enjoy it now though, knowing I won't have to cook for days to come..