Monday, March 12, 2012

Part #2 of my initial Post "My first real Meltdown"

Homeschool on a BudgetMy first post on my blog was "My first real Meltdown" where I wrote about my first time wanting to give up homeschooling and why. I am not sure why I thought about this today but I realized that I forgot a part of what I did my research on, which was very tough on me, it took for ever to figure this one out but I'm still happy with my decision and I will try my best to explain it. If it happens to help someone else's decision it was well worth the time. 

As I said I've already filled out the boys application for two different charter schools and as I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to send them anywhere but to keep homeschooling them my next step was: Am I with the right program? I thought maybe to switch school would be the solution. Caracal Leaper is signed up for a homeschool program through a Charter School. Right away I thought ok K12 might be better and I was so close to switch until 2 sisters gave him some insight about how K12 works. There is lots of good pointers if that's what one likes. The pro's for me were:

  • No preparing/ researching Lessons, all I would've had to do was pressing the Power button and off we go.
  • The Curriculum seemed to be good, since they'd spend enough money creating it.
  • I'd have close supervision on everything we'd do on a daily basis.
  • A teacher would be available whenever I'd need her.
  • I'd be told exactly what to do everyday, how much from every Lesson.
But then someone told me one thing and that was kind of the turning point and that was one thing I couldn't overlook.
  • The Curriculum is given and you'd have to sign in everyday and do what they'd want you to do, if you like it or not.. (of course I know that I could skip some but I would still be kind of bound to go with their Curriculum, and I did not like the idea of that so much.
I reminded myself that the problem was not the researching/ preparing lessons, that I always enjoyed doing that. The Lap Books, the freedom to choose whatever topic we thought was best for us and after we continued Homeschooling after I took all the decisions needed for me to make peace with my fears etc. of homeschooling I went one step further and now give Leap Creature's teacher our monthly Lesson Plans and I asked her to check them and add whenever she thinks that something could be improved. So as I said we're with a Charter School that gives us the freedom to choose whichever way we choose to get to where he'd had to be by the end of the year (more or less anyway, again that's up to us) the pro's and the con's are kind of the same because if it works for you they're pro's and if they don't, if it's not for you then they'd be considered to be in the con's list.
  • I love to prepare our own lesson plans etc. Me and Leap Creature would sit together and brainstorm a little bit about what next to study, I'd add my 2 Cents and that's what we'll do next.  
  • There's a teacher assigned who checks our work on a monthly bases, face to face. She checks all the work we've done and takes one sample of each subject. She'd ask him a few questions about what we've gone through, he might read a bit etc. and for me it's a good confirmation that I'm doing a good enough job. Some don't like the control. I do, for I need the guidance, and for me to be able to teach and be relaxed I must know that someone's got my back any time I might drift off... for hey.. my boy's education is on the line here !!! She's also available through phone/ email and she is there whenever I need extra help, advice etc. 
  • We have a Learning Center where I can sign Leap Creature up for Classes, which I think is great, it gives me the break I need to do what I want to and I'M LOVING IT !!
  • and now my favorite point: We have a huge Resource Center where I can check out up to 50 items per student and can hold on to it as long as a year until we have to resign him up for the next School year. Isn't that great.. they have everything from manipulatives, educational Toys, Games, Books, Blocks, Clocks. They carry different Curriculums so you can check out more than one Curriculum if you'd like to mix them up and you're the one to decide which one at what point of time you'd like to work with what !! I think that's awesome and can safe one tons of money.
  • They also provide money for Classes or Tutors and Sport Vendors which again is great, so money is less an issue when it comes to decide wether or not we can afford to send our boy to Sports Classes !!
  • In Addition we have several online Programs to supplement with our daily studies. They are:
(Some might be more essential then others but it's nice to be given the range of opportunities, I for example use the discovery edu. for almost all my science Lessons, even if it's just a Mrs. Frizzle to round up a Lesson)

I think that's about it, not bad right? I decided to stay with the same School for I didn't want to give up all that I've mentioned above. This part was missing from my first post and needed to be completed, since it was a big factor in my decision on how to continue to teach. Only Allah/ God knows what HE has planned for us in the future but for right now that's what works for us.


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