Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A "Real Life Experience" about my favorite Curriculum Resource

I am a fairly new homeschooling Mom, this is my second year with my "official" Student in 1st grade followed by an almost kindergartener & a toddler. It doesn't feel that way at all though, I feel like I've learned SO much the last 1 1/2 years. Yesterday I stood in front of my bookshelf looking at our Study Books wanting to find my favorite one and that's when I realized.. there isn't any!! Okay we've recently changed our Math Curriculum from Houghton Mifflin to Rightstart Math which I wrote about in a previous post "re- thinking our Learning Styles". We haven't really worked with it long enough though for me to be able to say that's THE ONE .. I hope it is and so far it goes really great since Leap Creature is super excited every time I'd tell him to get out the "clever Math Box". My resources for Science and Social Studies are as mix matched as can be, we pick and choose whatever theme we like next, I'll do my research online, prepare the lessons and we're good to go. I'd have to say maybe right now my favorite Curriculum Source is online. Pages such as:

(The list is way longer but I usually go to these two before going on and this will be further elaborated in another post. )
What I do know is that being a Homeschooling Parent is a way of life, it's a process and takes time to know how to do it, what to use, and how to find what works etc. I know I'll get there and I won't settle for anything less then what I think is best for my little men.

Do you have any favorite Curriculum Resources? Why not link up with "The homeschool Classroom", lets share our Ideas, our experiences and learn from one another. One good thing that is certain by now is that I'm not alone in this *grin*



  1. My post was about Rightstart math too-specifically the games kit. This program worked really well for my 11 yo- I am thinking of switching to something less teacher intensive- but I do really love this program so I'm not sure I'll be able to find a good substitute!

  2. Really, how funny. Its always good to have good feedback since we really just started about a couple of weeks ago.. We know it from his math class he is going to once a week and did have the games just didnt use them back then. We do now they're really helpful and an easy way of learning for my Leap Creature.

  3. I used Homeschool Share a lot when my kids were younger. It was so great to be able to print everything we needed for lapbooks!

  4. Yes Angie I feel the same way. I enjoy making our lessons creative, hands on etc. which can be very time consuming to get all resources. and finding everything we're looking for for a Lap Book, Note Boot etc. at the same place is fantastic!