Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I like about Islam 1#

Sometimes People ask me what made me practice Islam, or what made me decide to cover or why Islam .. and at times I just go blank even though I know exactly why, I just can't always put it in Words. 

Allah Knows

I am a born Muslim just didn't know anything about Islam because I wasn't taught nothing. This alone is a hard one to digest but anyway (that's another story). I would say that I re-chose Islam when I took the decision to actually practice it. Like so many people I was searching for some way to relax myself, or have some "Me- Time". Some do Yoga, meditate etc. I decided I want to start praying.
Also did I search for a way to bring peace in my life without depending on another human being for that's the way I lived the past 23 years with little success. How wise of my mom to teach me from an early age to NEVER expect ANYTHING from ANYONE or I will get disappointed and ohh Allah/God only knows how right she is !!! (yes mom it was a very wise thing to teach me for I'm living by it !!) So to make a very long story a bit shorter I prayed, felt more fantastic by the day and I ended up wanting to do more and more for Allah/God.

Of course I like more about my chosen Way of Life then what I will write in this Blog but these are just some things that make total sense or are beautiful to me and this must be well understood. With this Post it is in no way my intention of putting other Religions down, these are just my personal pointers that I love about Islam.

. Islam is simple to understand, we believe in one God or as we call HIM Allah, we pray to him directly without intermediate.

. There will be a Day of Judgement and if any Injustice occurs, I can rest assured that Allah will take care if it sooner or later. It makes it easier for me to let go or forgive. 

(A Hadith refers to reports of statements or actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him), or of his tacit approval or criticism of something said or done in his presence. )
. One of my favorite Hadith where Allah (swt) says (more or less):
If the servant draws near to Me a Hand Span, I draw near to him an Arm's length; and if he draws near an Arm's length, I draw near to him a Fathom's length. And if he comes to Me walking, I come to him running.

. Even in times in my life where nobody is there for me, I know Allah is, and this is all I really need, for He is the only One that can help my anyway. For we say: if you have Allah you have everything and if you don't have Allah you have nothing. 

. When I do something for you, I do it to please Allah and not for you to give me the same back, or for you to think of me as a generous Person etc. Even if you forget to thank me, I know that I have done a good Deed for the sake of Allah.

. Values such as self Respect, trustworthiness, caring for others, Family, being honest, helping, being kind to our Parents, Children, Neighbors etc. still mean something for us.

. It absolutely makes me strive to be a better person for I know if no one knows I try, Allah is watching me. (it's not always easy, Allah knows that too)

. Islam teaches me that I don't have to be perfect, that Allah just wants me to try to do my best. Which is easier on the mind since I know even I can be successful in the Eyes of Allah.

. With the 5x/day Prayer we are remembering Allah at least 5x/day. 

. We have short Prayers all through the day from the time we wake up in the Morning until we go to sleep. Prayers for when we get up, Prayers we say when we leave the house, one we can say to get back in the house, when we get dressed etc. all these help me to remember Allah throughout the day.  

“Whoever humbles himself before Allah, Allah will elevate him.”  Prophet Muhammad(SAW). Islam is a way of life, Islam teaches me how to get up, how to eat, sleep, do business, how to treat my neighbors, how to treat my husband, how to bring up my Children, how to treat my parents, it teaches me as a woman my rights in any aspects of life, how to respect myself, how to stay healthy etc. 

. Another Hadith (Saying of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)) is: Whoever humbles himself before Allah, Allah will elevate him.

I could go on and on but as the Post says 1# so there eventually will be a number two, but having said all that, the most awesome point is:

. It works !!! When I started practicing I was so suspicious, skeptical.. you name it.. and I tried to test certain things these "Hadith" promise and for me it is proof enough that I'm still Muslim, still striving to do more, to becoming a better Person for the sake of the ONE whom I have to thank, for everything I have in my life.

may Allah make us be able to trust in HIM and only HIM, ask from HIM, pray to HIM, be thankful to HIM for to HIM is whom we'll return to. 
Pray. Because Allah s.w.t. always listen.

Very last but not least, please feel free to ask me any question you might have. I'm in no way a very knowledgeable Person but I always love to clear up misunderstandings people have about Islam.



  1. Hehe - it's funny when we have to pick what we like about Islam... it's hard to pick only once when everything just makes perfect sense! :D

    1. Yes !! Now I could've gone on and on, and I kind of stopped because I didn't want to overload the post but once I started thinking/ reflecting about what I like about our Religion there was so much !! AlhamduliLlah, feel free to adding if you want to share *smile*

      Subhan'Allah (Glory be to Allah) I just love Islam !!

  2. JazakiLLahu Khair, syster.
    i'm your brother from Russia , and i sad - it's so siply religion for understanding , simply and beautiful - not primitivly , and i read this post and think - all like from my heart and mind - i understand all words from this post - it is so clear to me - even i born and live on othe side of the Earth :)

  3. as Salamu alaykum Brother,
    wayyakum, alhamduliLlah that's the Beauty about Islam, no matter where in the world we live the Message is One.. and the other value, Islam brings people together and it teaches us to care about one another no matter if we know each other or not. I wish everyone in the world would care more about each other.. the world would definitely be a better place. and Allah knows best, wassalamu alaykum

  4. assalamu aleykum!
    sory for offtop,
    and it is my first steps in world internet and english blogging (but i have popular islamic blog in Russian), may be you like this my first post about Names of Allah ,

    a little later I will write (inshaAllah) posts about Islam in Russia and the Caucasus