Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one of "these days"

This morning just when I woke up, I so did NOT feel like teaching. 


Our day started out with late breakfast (which my dear husband prepared for the boys since I was still in bed). After I got into the kitchen I told Caracal Leaper: We'll be studying later. He looks at me asking: What means later? Honestly, I didn't know myself haha.. 

After breakfast we all made a family outing to Costco, yes Costco and a quick visit to the Lake Shore Learning Store. In the car I sat next to Caracal Leaper in the back and we did a bit of "Bell Works Math" together. (He is not a big fan of the Bell Works but for in the car etc. it's more like together time and he happens to enjoy it.

After lunch I dug out the Allowance Game thinking instead of doing some dry money calculations we'll just keep the no-school day getting better. The game is a great way to practice Money Math (especially Coins) and was definitely enough practicing for one day.

We ended up doing some Handwriting but that was about as far as it went for today's school.

God willing tomorrow is another day *smile*


  1. That's the beauty of homeschool... on "those days" you can do school in different ways! The kids are still learning, they're just not sitting at the desk doing a formal lesson - but learning through play is the most effective learning at their age anyhow! :D The girls have the flu (poor H. has spots all over her face from vomiting - that's how sick they are). We didn't do school yesterday... we might have done something from bed on the laptop but they really just needed to rest and relax. Insha'Allah we'll just make up the lessons another day or evening.

  2. True, because if we would've HAD to sit at the desk it wouldn't have happend. Oh no.. I hope your girls feel better soon, and insha'Allah no one else will get sick !!