Thursday, February 9, 2012

Enjoying to Blog

This morning, while drinking my coffee I read a few posts on different blogs and reflected on: What is it, that makes me like a particular blog? It totally depends on my mood really. But all in all sharing blog posts, writing or reading the posts, including their comments (which I enjoy just as much).. it appears to me a bit like a virtual get together amongst people/ friends who share their opinions. Or maybe strangers who in person would be so different who find common ground, connections through the same interests and for that reason they become friends, whereas in real life, they might not even look at each other, let alone like each other. Blogs enable us to share our thoughts, comment on them or learn. Allah knows I've laughed and learned so much through the many blogs I've read so far. It also broadens our minds by sharing, accepting and respecting other peoples opinions.

I consider myself a very social, open minded fun person, but besides this I'm also VERY busy. My "job" is being a wife and a mother, and my "hobby" is homeschooling, if you know what I mean *grin* I used to love going out, talk to my friends etc. but the past few months I've just been to busy to even pick up a phone and dial a friends number to chit chat.. Dont' get me wrong I love my life and all that's comes with it, including my family and friends of course. But my priorities have shifted and by the time I would have time to chit chat with a friend, the desire's simply disappeared because it's been a day and I've certainly done enough talking for the last 12 hours !! 

I absolutely enjoy blogging for it allows me to do so at my own pace. Please feel free to drop a line and leave your thoughts about blogging.. have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by..


  1. Dear Myriam I always enjoy reading your very interesting blogs and I'm very proud of you for all you do, your achievements and for being my daughter!Being a mother of three very active boys is plenty work.Never give up, one day you will earn the appreciation of your children ! Love you Mami

  2. my dear Mami <3

    thank you so much for your kind note, I wouldn't be who I am today if I did not have your acceptance and tolerance to let me be me !!!
    I love you so much too !!