Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

K. wanted to study about ancient Egypt and the mummies, so I did my research and this is what we did:

This is the Lap Book Cover (left)           

The "Land of the Pharaohs" Egypt Map can be printed out from here. (right)

most of our printables are from the

<-- Here K. transformed his name into Hieroglyphs.
I also colored and cut out a paper pyramid and I googled some cliparts.
(You might also like this webpage about ancient egypt)


  1. I love the workbook he made! I'm terrible at letting the girls do crafty things - they always make a mess and it takes so much time. I might just have to let Halimah do this when we get to this point in history (she just started her first grade coursework!!!). Great job K. and Myriam!

  2. Thank you Serena! you know it's not messy at all with Lapbooks since you work continuously parallel with the topic. I usually have him do one activity a day and maybe by the end of the week or towards the end of the theme to wrap it up we choose the cover and start putting it all together.. K. is so much a hands on learner so for both of us this is a nice way to combine studies with crafts. You should try it !!