Monday, February 13, 2012

People come and go..

I'm born and grown up in Switzerland where I lived for 24 years of my life. Our family members are scattered all over the world (more or less), since we're all travelers, so I was always very tempted to move away and always thought of it as very exciting to have a fresh start in another city, town, country or even continent. I, to start it off, very often had very close friends that "so happened" to live overseas. So when I met my husband and new for certain that I'll move to Singapore I was ecstatic, I mean, I was moving to Asia !!! It was great, we spent 2 years there, I met beautiful friends, it was exciting and all until we moved to the States and that was exciting as well.. It does come with a downside though (what in life doesn't alright..) We meet these beautiful, precious people that become real in our lives, they become friends that we really care for and that's when they're being snatched away from our lives.. (not particularly die, thank God but simply move away) I thought about this for the past few years since it has happened on and off. I believe that it is just meant to be, that certain people appear in our lives, they serve to be with us for a purpose for a certain amount of time, and when that purpose is fulfilled they go their ways, for whatever is meant to happen for them in their own paths.

It's somewhat really sad for especially me, I HATE good byes and am very bad in it. I therefore just don't ever say good bye it's more like a: see you later, sometime somewhere... God knows, HE's the best of planner.. (In Islam amongst my friends we used to say: if not in this life, see you again in Paradise, which is meant as a little prayer, hoping we'll both/all make it there) I have said bye to countless people, worst of all my Mom !! Thank God she's well off.. just half around the globe.

How do we deal with "bye's".. I somehow happen to just not think about it. Once in a while I get emotional about it but that's just how I deal with it the best. It's not a post with a happy ending or a solution. I believe everyone has their own best ways to deal with "life and it's ways"..

Having said all of the above I wouldn't change a thing for the people that have come and left in my life they are part of what made me be me and I wouldn't change much if I could. And as I have mentioned I do believe they come into our lives for a reason. I learned to appreciate the people I have in my life, for we really never know how long they last.

Feel free to drop your own thoughts about people that came and left in your life.. and may Allah/ God make all our affairs easy for all of us, Ameen !!


  1. Insha'Allah - here's to hoping we never have to say goodbye. *hugs*