Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Weekly Wrap Up April #1 "Back to School"

Our week of Spring Break was fabulous, loved it. And so was our first week of school. As I am writing Our Weekly WrapUps I realize that most of the time I'm leaving a positive feedback.. *smile* which is great because about 6 months ago I soo wanted to throw in the towel !! Our Highlight this Week was Monday, yep that's right Monday! Early morning I decided we'd start with a Field Trip to La Jolla in search of Tide Pools, our new Theme. It was a great first day and Leap Creature was asking me if we could always start our first monday after holidays with a Field Trip. I hope I can fulfill my promise but I said that: why not. I think the first monday is always a bit slow, might as well enjoy it to the fullest. Other than that we reviewed numbers up to 9000 (left) and even added some of these very big numbers. (right)

For Language Arts Leap Creature read Magic Treehouse books, took Quizzes at the Book adventure webpage. We started spelling Checks and continued his Cursive Practice which he's doing a real fantastic job with. On friday he was again looking forward for his school day for he saw his friends again, so I'll say it again, GREAT WEEK !!

Wishing all a great Weekend,



  1. Asalamu alaikum thank you for sharing, a good read, feel free to visit my new bloglet "A Good Friend"

    1. wa alaykum Salam, JazakiLlahu Khair and thank you for stopping by and sure, looking forward to visiting your blog.