Friday, April 6, 2012

Tide Pool Field Trip

It is Monday morning and we started off with a Field Trip to La Jolla Beach in search of some Tide Pools for our new Science Theme. I couldn't have thought of a better way to start school after our fantastic week of Spring Break. Of course the attention span was minimal. (can you blame them?) We did get to a look at quiet a few Tide Pools though and they're magic with all their little creatures.

They detected some anemonies, hermit crabs, blue mussles, limpets, chitons,  and much more. 

After walking from Tide pool to Tide pool they found what they named "The Wave" (left) and while I took a few more pictures of my precious finds, they were busy playing and getting soaking wet. 
Boys will be Boys right?!

Later we changed clothes, drove a bit further up the cove, spread our blanket and enjoyed a cute read, snacks and some fruits. 

An unexpected visitor showed up and even though we have them all around the house this one was just too curious and unafraid to ignore !! 
Look for yourself

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  1. Such a wonderful field trip! I'll have to take the girls there sometime soon - maybe this week for Spring Break.