Monday, April 2, 2012

Science Festival & Spring Break

The science Festival last Saturday was great, we all saw a lot, held, felt and walked a lot. The weather was perfect we couldn't have asked for anything more. Of course we went to see the Art Project "Volcano a-Go-Go" Leap Creature was working on together with all of their Art Teacher's Students. The boys collected solar beads, held snakes, lizards, raced cars and took pictures with a humongous Sid the Science Kid *smile*. At the end of the day after dinner Leap Creature realized we didn't do any school today and states: Mommy we didn't even learn nothing today! I reassured him that even though it might didn't feel like it that he learned TONS today!!

This is the "Volcano a Go Go" a walk through Art Project for big and small to enjoy with tons of Balloons on the inside as the Lava, and the second half was a walk through Rain Forest !!

This Red taled Hawk was injured and taken in from that Organization at the Science Expo (forgot the name)
We expected a visit from my family in Switzerland but sadly had to postpone it due to an Emergency. Thank God everyone is well off by now but this event plus Leap Creature feeling a bit off on monday morning, I decided to take a week off for Spring Break and it was enjoyed by everyone. I did so little of what I should've done and did SO much of what I loved doing. I spent most of the time sewing, for I have a little sewing business on the side. I make Headscarfs/ Niqabs/ Prayer Outfits for ladies and Sunnah Shirts, Kufi's etc for men. I drank my coffee's, and just enjoyed, enjoyed and enjoyed some more to not having to do nothing at all!! 
The boys had some very nice play dates around the house and at parks. We all enjoyed the longer mornings, the lazying around and one of my favorite moments this week was all the boys clattered around their dad watching him play Super Mario Bro's on their Nintendo DS. 


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