Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slowly but surely back to School

We "unofficialy" started our slow first days around Thursday last week. Officially the Charter School that we're connected with starts at the end of the month but I didn't want to wait that long. It was less of when they would be ready but more when I would be ready. So I bravely ordered books from our local library for our first chosen science theme, the whales, and thought whenever these are ready for pick up, I will start. The books came and with a deep breath I heard myself say: Boys lets start our first lap book about whales (wondering about what the response might be), as I heard three YAAYYYY's and 6 stomping little feet storming into the study room.

Alright so this semester I have L-Drago former Leap Creature 7, Night Fury former Cheetah Racer (almost 5) and Dyno former Little Monkey 3. I just had to find out that they wanted to have their names "upgraded".
Today the second half of our Islamic month Ramadan started and we are still trying to benefit from this special time so we were off to a slow start and not that much of a routine. Some days we do more and some less but this is just fine with me. We picked back up on Quran reading, and I needed to get L-Drago back unto math for he forgot quiet a bit.. When he realized that himself he gave me the "guilt look" and said: WELL why did we take such a long break?? Hmm because... I needed a break as well? (Even though Dyno very frequently calls me Superman?!, he really does) anyway we're back in the game. Night Fury is almost half way through with the hooked on phonics reading program and loves to be taught and Dyno does a fantastic job with coloring, cutting and glueing. I was a bit nervous at first with him and these scissors but I was quiet dumb struck when I saw how good he is at it!! At the end of our first very fun day I'd round it up saying all proudly: This was a GREAT first day boys, I am very oppressed.. no cancel that.. impressed!!!

So often I'm a nervous wrack because I constantly worry about if I do enough, if they are missing out etc. but i so enjoy the teaching and spending that quality time with them which I wouldn't have if they'd be going to a public school.. To top it all off we went on a short field trip to the library on friday morning who had a kids program called Wild Wonders Wonderful Animals. I had no idea what to expect and it was the bomb !! It was great young and old really enjoyed it alike, take a look yourself.

we got introduced to a kinkajou
 an american alligator
 a porcupine
pinky the pink tailed boa constrictor

and a few more animals from around our beautiful planet.


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  1. That's nice! Definitely many kids would like the way you present it. I heard that at alpha omega publications were presented many books and materials that could even improve everyone. I'm sure it really helps. Thanks for this!

  2. Thank you Jason, yes there are great and so many resources out there. I have not specifically checked out alpha omega, I get most of our books from the local library or our resource center that belongs to the school.