Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Thoughts about Homeschooling


Yesterday I read this blogpost from Renee over at and it struck me. One reason why I'm having a hard time figuring out which way I'd like to go with the boy's homeschool is because I never thought about what I want them to gain from it. Yes I want them to learn "stuff" favorably "LOTS of stuff, no EVERYTHING !! Also being Muslims we strive to do everyday things in life the islamic way, but which direction would I like to pull all of us through the process? After reflecting for quiet some time I came up with

  • right now at this point I want them to love studying/ learning
  • to learn how to study/ research etc. on their own and loving it !
  • of course I want them to use their knowledge in life to become open minded, positive God fearing people that use their knowledge in a way that pleases Allah/ God (which is not really "simply" a 3rd point since pleasing Allah/ God is our ultimate goal in life.)
  • I could probably add that I want them to be aware and care for the world we're living in and so I came up with our next science theme, which will be another post.
Weird actually that after finally finding out what might have stopped me from feeling more comfortable in my skin as a homeschooling mom and mentor all I come up with are three things.. ( my boys are only 7, 5 and 3 years old)

But somehow I feel better just having found a missing puzzle piece for myself. Maybe later the 3 pointers will become 4 or 5.. and still I think, the most important that will make them thrive the most might still just be because they love to learn !!! I'm in my early 30ties and I love the fact that I still love to study.

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