Saturday, January 28, 2012

being a navy wife

My friends from time to time ask me: how do you do that, having your husband gone for so long.. Well my first reply that I "feel" usually sounds like: Well.. I didn't really choose to fall in love with a navy guy.. but honestly I prefer missing my most wonderful husband every once in a while for a few months, jumping up and down, crying of joy whenever he comes back, then, having someone around 24/7/365 a year and waiting for him to leave the house to go JUST ANYWHERE!! (doesn't that sound awful?! )

Some women I got to know back in singapore, where we staid some years back, used to say: you'll get used to it, while the deployments get up to 2, 3.. it will get easier.. uhmm no it doesn't get easier at all, my heart is being torn apart every time I have to see him walk yet on another ship, knowing I won't be seeing and holding him for a VERY long time... uhh it sucks !! Or friends who say: You're so strong, I don't know how you do it.. well 1) I'm not really strong and 2) do I have a choice? nope, so I suck it up and just .. go with the flow.. my boys help me tons when it comes to finding a reason to getting up in the morning (especially the first few mornings of waking up alone in bed) cooking a healthy meal, getting out the house and most of all: for being happy and making me laugh !!! (for it seems that there wouldn't really be much to laugh, or be happy about right after the good byes)
My husband is here at the moment but somehow I just have these moments where I mentally prepare myself for his next deployment (if that's even possible) and trying to figure out all I would like to do during that time. This is also one of the reasons why I started blogging, thinking it would be a great way to keeping me busy, and to keeping my husband up to date, wherever he might be.

I would be delighted to find some muslim navy wives, navy wives, homeschooling navy wives etc. wondering how you are passing your time whenever your husbands are away. God bless


  1. I'm not a Navy wife - but I grew up in a military family/neighborhood. I had friends whose husbands were deployed (in fact, I lived with a friend for 5 months to help her with her 3 year old son while her husband was away). I also had boyfriends in the military who were deployed (I don't really talk about my past relationships now that I'm married). Deployment is a huge trial for wives and kids. I admire how well you've survived it in the past... it's not easy, and there will always be good and bad days. Thankfully, however, we have so many ways of communicating (phone, email, video chat, etc...) - back in the day, they only had phone calls, and even then, it was rare to be able to call because it was so expensive!

  2. What doesn't kill makes us stronger doesn't it? haha, well you were one of my true friends while my husband was gone and I sure don't take it lightly !! *hugs* and you're absolutely right, it makes the time apart much easier with all the technology of today !!