Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why do I homeschool

Homeschooling, which takes a huge part of our daily lives, became a way of life, actually from the time we get up in the morning until we turn off our lights and night. Thinking about it, home is  a school and after our precious little one keep learning from home it makes all of us more aware of the world around us, and what an excellent way of exploring the world we live in with our own kids !! 

Of course one of the main reasons is that I trust more in myself then in the school system here in the US, and the teachers who my little ones are supposed to be around with, pretty much all day. How much time do we, as parents get, to influence their lives in a way we think is most beneficial for them.. etc. but there is more to it:

I'm in my second year with K. who is in first grade now. In the beginning I clearly saw myself as his teacher but by now I prefer saying that we're studying because as much as I might teach him is about as much as I'm learning myself and this is a part in my life, I didn't even know how much I've missed it until I started homeschooling!!  BAM.. another blessing right there !! There isn't really much time anymore for anything else, but one thing I tell my husband, family and friends: the kids will have had their share of school, everyday no matter what !!  (more or less anyway). 
Another benefit that came with it is, I realized that teaching/learning became our quality time we share, and I learned to appreciate my children in another way I haven't known before. I love it when K. or Z. get that BIG grin from ear to ear, having mastered a new challenge, so proud of them selfs, and I feel so content knowing that I get to share all these precious moments with them.

How about you, how did homeschooling changed your life around, did you maybe see a change in yourself as well as in your children?


  1. Homeschooling is definitely time consuming - sometimes I wish I had more free time for "me time." However, I agree - it's fun seeing the kids discover and accomplish so much. I also get to enjoy all the funny things they say and write too! I still consider myself as their teacher (then again, I did go to college to be a school teacher) - but I definitely learn quite a bit when it comes to history (I don't remember being taught much of what the girls are learning).

  2. Yes, same here I don't remember certain things.. and it makes it that more interesting for me to learn and Leap Creature gets these big eyes when I'd tell him that I didn't know that either.