Thursday, December 15, 2011

preK ABC's Craft

For quiet some time now I've been practicing the abc's with my 4 year old Z. He's doing really good but some letters just won't stick. So I found this great webpage with these crafts, they're so cute, easy enough to make and at the same time a great decoration for our study room. Best of all though, he remembers these letters more easily and loves making them !! I added the lower case letters on the bottom. 
They're not hung up in a certain order. We simply did the letters that Z. needed more practice with.


  1. Love that you added the lowercase letter to the bottom of the page too ~ great idea!!

  2. Very very cute! My little man learned the alphabet from Starfall. He recognizes the letters and some of the sounds but he still has difficulty verbalizing everything because of his speech delay.

  3. I'm super sorry for the late reply I'm so behind in replying .. first I didn't even know if it's common for me to reply on my own blogs.. I know I know it's funny (or rather embarassing haha) anyway .. thank you Jolanthe, and thanks for letting me share.

    Thank you Serena :-) yes Leap Creature also used to be a lot on Starfall, it's a great webpage. You know I had to find a way to keep my little Z busy while we're studying and this was a great way since he just recently started reading his first words. I hope your little man is more of a talker every day !!