Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taking a Stand

This evening I brought K's bike in the backyard, closed our house's side gate and on the way back in the house I looked around the neighborhood thinking "look at me, I am in california, having 3 gorgeous boys and I get that "I have to pinch myself to realize I'm not dreaming" kind of feeling. Originally from Switzerland, not in my wildest dreams I would've ever imagined that me, Myriam, would end up married with 3 kids in our house in california !!! WOW..  

It wasn't always dreamy beaches and high palm trees waving in the wind. At several points I think I can speak for anyone, we have to take decisions that we just know they'll be turning our life up side down. One of these moments was, when I decided to practice my religion, Islam. More over when I decided to show it "publicly" by wearing the "Hijab" (Headscarf). 

Over night in the eyes of the ticket sales women, the bus driver, my patients, and people I met as soon as I'm stepping out of my own four walls, I became a foreigner, and was very much treated that way. Of course I did expect mixed reactions but it's an understatement to say that: It was everythng else than easy, my feelings were greatly hurt over and over again, and the whole experience was very very eye opening. 

I have the most extraordinary loving family who stood behind me 120%, and one hand full of true friends up to today, and I say one hand because it's not more then 5!! which truly stood by me and still are my true friends I care about with all my heart. Most of my other "so called friends" disappeared, which is perfectly fine. -->  forget the people in your past, there is a reason they didn't make it to your future (unknown).

Very few of my friends encouraged me saying the right thing to do is what I thought was best for ME, which I have so much respect for until the present day, may Allah bless and protect them, wherever they might be today. Most of the people/friends I knew did not quiet understand, were confused or even very upset at my decision and changes I took in my own personal life (exactly, MY life) and were very much discouraging. So I had to take a stand, for my own sake and several times get vocal about that" I can not and will not live my life according to how YOU want me to live my life or the way you think is best for ME .." 

AlhamduliLlah (all praise be to Allah/God) that I haven't listened to anyone but my inner self about how I want to live my life. 

Have you ever been in a life changing situation? and if so how did it effect your present/ future?


  1. Yes. It's so true. When we choose to practice islam Allah is watching our back. If Allah is watching our back no one can stab us inshaallah. May Allah give you good and healthy life with your family inshaallah. Salams.

  2. jazakiLlahu Khair Aasiya, insha'Allah Ameen and for all of us !!

  3. What I find most intriguing and disturbing at the same time, is that wearing the hijab didn't fundamentally change who you were/are. Know what I mean? If people are shallow enough to change their opinion of you just because you decided to wear a bit of cloth on your head - then I *almost* feel bad for those people. Thankfully my situation was a LOT easier and I haven't lost a single friend... but if I had, then they weren't worth saving to begin with!

  4. Yes exactly that was my point over and over explaining that I didn't change, that it was still me.. Also thinking back about how "swiss" I am (until today you know.. ) and how much I was treated like an outcast over night... Serena it amazes me on the other side that you didn't loose a single friend !! WOW.. that's great !!
    When my mom came to visit she said she's a bit worried that if I'd go back to switzerland to visit, the people's reaction might hurt my feelings, I laughed and said believe me I was hurt long time ago, digested my anger and I so don't care anymore.. (once in a while I do get emotional about it but that's about it) just happy I'm not living there anymore, AlhamduliLah.

  5. My dear beloved Myriam, I'm glad and very proud of you, that you can stand your ground and that you are willing to be yourself! Many people do not have the courage to be themselfs, because they are not perfect (as nobody is) but try to act as someone better, I always ask myself why.....everybody is beautiful in its own way. I love you the way you are with all my heart, with or without Hijab <3

  6. My beloved Myriam
    I'm very proud of you that you are able to stand your ground and that you are YOURSELF ! Many people can not be themselves, they think they are not perfect (nobody is) and send out a wrong picture of who they are.....but why, everybody is beautiful in its own way ! I love you just the same, with or without Hijab! But most of all I love your true self! the way you really are !

  7. My dearest Mami, one can not describe the beautiful person you are in words alone but what I can say is that I am the person today to a big extend because you let me !! <3