Monday, June 4, 2012

Homesteading Arts Festival

Today we went to the Homesteading Arts Festival at the City Farmers Nursery. It was so refreshing, inspiring and we all had a wonderful and so peaceful afternoon. Here take a look: 
(I'm absolutely aware that some of the pictures are totally blur but I had no idea what to expect and of course didn't bring my camera.. so all the pictures were taken from my cell phone..)





I would totally write more for it was fabulous, I just think the pictures very much speak for themselves. I do have to add though what made it even more special to me was that everyone was in a great mood and there were nothing but smiles coming our way !!


  1. Hi Myriam!
    You asked me (in a comment about me post on 10 reasons my kids like being homeschooled on The Homeschool Classroom) about living books.

    I use Sonlight curriculum, and it is full of living, real books! You can check out their website for more details.

    I have also used a book called All Through the Ages (by I think Miller?) which is book of lists of real books divided into historical time period.


    1. Hi Roan,
      thank you for your detailed reply!! I use so many extra books to teach my boys and we all love reading.. I will definitely check out your resources.