Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Homeschool Convention California

I received an email from one of Leap Creature's school friends kind mom about the California Homeschool Convention and I thought to myself that I'd really like to go but my husband would never agree to drive all the way to Long Beach for a day, with the kids and the traffic etc. and his first answer sure enough was: LONG BEACH? on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND?! and I went on saying yes, yes I know I know.. just thought I'd share that there is a great convention up there this weekend.. 

10 min. later he came up to me saying: We can go. Me: What?? He: Yes we can go, I mean.. we are homeschooling so ..  YIIIHHAAAA no need saying that he's amazing right?
Yes it was a good amount of pressure considering that the day before I was going on a 2 hour round trip to pick up Leap Creature and Cheetah Racer's Curriculums, Books etc. for the next semester. Finally arriving at home after 4pm I was right back in the kitchen preparing breakfast, lunch, tons of snacks, diapers etc. for the Journey to the Convention early next morning "as in 6am". Cutting a long story short (since a lot of you have kids and have a very good idea of what my next 12 hours looked like) it was sooo worth the hustling, the 4 hour round trip etc. it was FABULOUS FABULOUS !! 
I didn't even imagine how much I'd learn from the different Speakers (which everyone probably knows except me since this is only our second year of homeschooling. They were:
  1. Learning Styles: Choosing Curriculum to Fit Each Child by Cathy Duffy (I did know her)
  2. History & Science- Charlotte Mason Method by Catherine Levison
  3. Teaching the Classics from Seuss to Socrates by Adam Andrews
Other than that, there was a huge Exhibition Hall where I felt like in Curriculum Heaven !! There were over 150 booths to walk through .. and all the Curriculums I could flip through other then the "take a look inside" button on Amazon..  and most importantly there were people I could ask all the questions unlike online where it feels like a 50% vs 50% chance about to buy or not to buy .. which I hate since there's already a jungle of Curriculum Choices out there in the first place and then after an evening of crazy research I'd end up deciding not to get anyting at all.. it was again FABULOUS !!
The 3 lectures.. I don't even know where to start to describe on how GREAT they were and how inspired I got and how much I've taken from them and and and.. let me say this: If you happen to homeschool and live near an area where there's a Homeschooling Convention taking place: JUST GO ! I wish we wouldn't have been so exhausted from the whole shebang to have stayed longer but knowing what will expect us with our three little ones, once we turned that key to the front door.. we decided to leave late afternoon and off we went, back home.

I haven't stopped brain storming since and probably won't for a while, it was wonderful, praise be to Allah who made this weekend possible and I pray that HE'll make me use the knowledge and excitement I've won to teach my little boys in the best way possible.. and all to please Allah the most Understanding the All Knowing, the most Just.

I truly had a blast, 

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