Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy, what is this?

Earlier this week my husband and I took the boys on a Field Trip to the Museum of Man. There was an expedition about ancient Egypt and we just recently finished our studies about Mummies so this was perfect. We all enjoyed our stay, my heart did get very heavy when we passed this child mummy though..  the Child must've been about 5 years old.. Other than that it was fantastic, it even included a little section for the Kids to play. The expedition also had the perfect size, very informative, so that I could read the boys a lot about the mummies, the sarcophagus etc. but it was not too big so that I wasn't exhausted with all the don't do this and don't do that..

As we entered the play area the boys right away took off, exploring all the different toys. (I'm Muslim and fully covered, including my face) so there was this little girl and as soon as she saw me she turns to her father and aks: Daddy what is this? and she'd point her finger towards me. For me a normal question from a child, which is perfectly okay. I'm always quiet curious how the parents would react though and so to my astonishment her Father quickly glances over to me and goes: I don't know..  .. 

Race: Are We So Different? - An exhibit at the Natural History Museum until Jan. 2012.

Alright then.. this was a first.. 

I was not offended in the least, I just hope that the little girl one day will get the education that she deserves. As I got home I told my husband and my 6 year old Leap Creature overheard the discussion. I then took time and explained him one thing that he did not hear for the first time. 

I am the perfect example to show that we are all different and still somewhat the same, and that this was a beautiful thing: Some People are big/ small, some are skinny some are overweight, some people are beautiful some are not. And last but not least some are "normal" and some are not. Normal in the sense they can walk, talk, feel etc. That's where in my mind education comes in. My boys need to know that if they see a person that acts different and out of the "Norm" out in the streets, in a store etc. that they don't stare, don't talk about the situation aloud, don't point with your finger, and especially DON'T LAUGH !! With all my heart I believe that this is an essential building block in a persons character and education !! Yes we are muslims we do things in a certain way, not all people are muslims though and we respect and get along with these people as well. We don't have to agree but we do HAVE TO respect them.. I could totally write a book about this, don't worry though, I won't *smile* I think one thing that I experience, very seldom but it does happen, that makes me sad and angry at the same time is, when people have this uneducated "I don't care" attitude.. or open carelessness .. I can't really put it in words but somehow that affects me the most. 

A while back I read Tammi's post "I'm so glad I'm not you" and even though she's a perfect stranger to me, I had to think about her, since this fell into the exact same category of people. I know it shouldn't bother me but heck we're human too, just different, and even that only to a certain extend. 

May Allah/ God protect me from becoming ignorant towards anyone out there that is "different". I'm always trying to take a positive lesson from my experiences as a fully covered Muslim by choice, good or bad. I also hope that I will always try to do my best to bring up my boys in a way where difference will never be a reason for them to be judgemental but that develops in them a sense of curiosity, for them to want to learn more about the people around us. If it's not something we'd want to do or believe, it will at least teach what we wouldn't want to do or believe in.. 

and Allah/ God is the best of Judge and knows best



  1. Great article. I enjoyed reading it sweetie.

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    2. Yay .. you read my article !! JazakiLlahu Khair Abdul Raheem <3

  2. Well said - wish everyone would teach their kids this lesson in life! :D

    1. Yes, and specially in this time of life where people are SO judgemental and full of hatred etc. and also today everyone lives everywhere .. it's like a normal thing to walk passed a Woman in a Scarf or a monk in his own dress code.. etc. It's almost a must in my eyes to prepare our next generation.. there goes the book I didn't want to write haha

  3. my dear Friend Eula tried to leave a Comment and it just wouldn't work, so here is what she wrote:

    I tried to post this on your Blog, don't think it went through. Here it is....Myriam, It's a shame that the little girl asked someone she trusted to give her the answer, and he refused! I remember when I was little & saw someone in a wheel chair for the 1st time, I asked my Dad & he explained to me & also said, "Don't ever point at someone different than you, don't ever make fun of anyone, nor talk about them." "You treat people nice & they'll be nice to you for we are all God's children." That stuck with me through out my whole life! I've tried to teach my children, grandchildren, and now greatgrandchildren the same thing. I know you are a Good Lady & I'm sure it wasn't what the little girl said that Hurt, because you know how children can think & say all kinds of stuff....but that grown man??? I wish I could say, he knew better, but he didn't, he's DUMB & so will his children be, also....if someone doesn't take the time and teach her! We don't have to agree on everything to live in Respect of each other & enjoy what Good Things can come from knowing & being Freinds! The human part of me wishes I'd been there!!! I know you're not one to bring attention to your self, but I would've began by telling the little girl & her dad, that you were a Mother of 3 Precious Little Boys that you love & care for & teach, (as I would've looked up at the dad) and I'd said," UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE WHO WALK AROUND AND CHOOSE TO BE STUPIED, While allowing their children to act the same!!!!" I'm Sorry to come on so strong...but when I read this post, it hurt me! Because I consider you my friend & I care about you & your feelings!!! ♥ :) I only hope that the little girl has a mother, grandparents, or someone that can tell her the truth and the truth to her dumb daddy, also!

  4. Love this post - something to keep in mind each and every day!